裁 魂 / 服装其实是一门艺术

裁魂,是品立PINLI的一个特裁超设计感系列,由13名资深设计师倾力打造,全部由 经验剪裁专家采用手工精工制作。13名设计师完全按照自己的喜好与对着装的独特见解去做设计。

Soul, is a special cutting product made PINLI design feeling series, building, by experienced designers from 13 all clipping experts using manual seiko produced by the experience. 13 designers to dress according to his be fond of and completely unique insights to do design. Many designers follow one's inclinations, no rhythm on new! Fast, good in time is not long, limited edition! Limited - cutting professional experts only work eight hours a day, quantity is limited, sold out not to fill

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